A cold but beautiful day outside painting with Rob Laaring.

The still water and undisturbed reflections of the shoreline made for a very contemplative scene. I only had about half an hour before the sun came out and transformed the place.

Burley Griffin Canoe Club Wetlands, 2016

Burley Griffin Canoe Club Wetlands, Winter , 2016

…The sunshine also interrupted this late Autumn scene painted a couple of weeks ago:

Autumn Track near the lake, 2016

Autumn Track by the Lake, 2016

Both are oil on board.

It is a challenge painting outside on a Canberra winter morning! The air is cold, the earth is wet, and the lids on paint tubes don’t come off – or go back on again. After a couple of hours near the lake one morning with the temperature below 5 degrees and the mist verging on sleet now and then, I was reduced to a shivering mess. The hot drink on arriving home again was not just a comfort but a necessity.